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Who are William Hill? William Hill is a well-established name in the betting industry that has been present for over 80 years.

  • Who are William Hill?

    William Hill is a well-established name in the betting industry that has been present for over 80 years. Its history and tradition can hardly be matched. A big player in the betting world not only because of their history, but also because they constantly evolve and try to offer customers new incentives to join.

    William Hill is the founder of William Hill. Way back in 1934, when gambling was not legally allowed in the United Kingdom, William Hill took advantage of a legal loophole enabling him to take non-cash bets, such as credit or postal bets. He started the business as a betting service via post/ telephone. However, when on 1 May 1961, betting shops became legal in the United Kingdom, William Hill took full advantage and expanded. He keyed into the idea of betting shops and started buying already existing betting businesses. Such acquisitions were a huge propeller for the expansion and growth of the business over the next decades, and continues to be so today.

    Today, William Hill boasts of being one of the most trusted betting brands in its industry, attracting millions of customers from around the world – not without the help of the internet. Currently, the betting giant employs over 15,500 people from 12 countries, and prides itself on its knack to continually innovate and evolve with changing times, able to attract customers and providing them with engaging platforms to game and bet - from sports books to betting shops, on their mobile devices and online. One important aspect of their business is their commitment to helping customers gamble responsibly by providing systems and tools that facilitate customers’ control as part of the Nobody Harmed ambition.

    The United Kingdom continues to be their home market accounting for over 85% of their business last year. However, their share of international revenues is on an upward trend as they continue to deliver on their strategy of building an internationally diverse gambling company, made possible by digitalization. In 2011 and 2012, they were granted license for online gaming and betting in Italy, United States of America and Spain. In January of this year, William Hill acquired Mr. Green, a high-growth European gaming business, thereby greatly boosting their European customer base. There are also plans to establish in every state in the US.

    Why Use William Hill?

    According to Barclays Capital, YouGov UK Gambling Survey, “Brand is the second most important factor in choosing an online betting account and William Hill is the most trusted brand.” Looking at their heritage and growth over the years, deciding to bet with William Hill will be your surest bet (pun intended). As industry leader, they set and conform to the highest standards in the industry, including customer protection. To go with this is the impeccable customer service provided.

    William Hill offers exciting promotions and free bets. In order to qualify for a free bet, when you register as a new customer, you need to first deposit and stake a certain minimum amount of money. Most times, it is as low as £10, but sometimes there are other special offers which require more than that. So, you first deposit, for example, £10, place them in a bet, and then you get an additional £10 bonus at least. Free bet offers are available when you deposit via Paypal, debit card or credit card. Once you qualify for a free bet you have 30 days to use it.

    Getting your hands on a promo code for free bets on William Hill is not that difficult. It is as simple as visiting the William Hill website. A promo code offer will find its way to you sooner than you will find it. You can also simply click here to get William Hill promo codes.

    Free bets for new customers is not the only type of promotion on William Hill. Existing customers can also receive various promo codes. Some are available for everyone, while some are individual, and sent separately to customers via e-mail. Right now, there are over 40 different types of bonuses you can win as a William Hill customer. There is something for everyone.

    What Payment Methods are Available?

    You can deposit and withdraw your winnings from William Hill via all the most popular payment providers available out there. From credit and debit cards to e wallet, online banking, cash vouchers and prepaid cards, and cash transfers, William Hill makes deposit and withdrawal easy. So why not arm yourself with all necessary stats and tips to make a winning bet, and head over to make some cash on William Hill. Horseracing and football. Boxing and esports. Whatever your sport, you will always get great value with William Hill. From price enhancements and win bonuses to promotions and special offers, every customer gets something. And always remember – Gamble responsibly!

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