Manage your team like a PRO

Free professional team management

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    Your own player page like the professionals. Add your details, position, clips & find teams

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    Your own team page. Add, fixtures, find players & match videos

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    Manage leagues with ease. Add teams, manage fixtures & send announments.

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    Upload clicks - record key moments

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    Get notifications if a player can't attend training/game

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    Automated league tables and fixtures

Your own player page

Show off your talent

  • Promote yourself
  • Upload video clips
  • Add your goal scoring record
  • Find local teams to play for

Add fixtures & manage your team

+ Create your team page
  • Add/find players
  • Add fixtures & update results
  • Notifcations if a player can't attend.
  • Upload match videos

Manage your league online

Automated league management

  • Easily manage leagues
  • Automated league tables
  • League stats e.g. top scorers
  • Manage team disputes

Making it easier to play football in your local area

Social442 is investing in your local community by making it easier for people to connect with each other and play football together. If you are new to your community or realise you want to play football more often, we give you the tools to find people just like you. You can connect, organise sessions to play and join local teams. If you already have a team and want to make it easier to manage meet ups and your progress, you can add your profile and create a profile for your team. If you play competitively or part of a league, we can recommend creating a league to make it easier for you to manage and view league updates.

Many countries are facing obesity problems and these tools give you the encouragement to play football, get fit and track your progress. Social442 is dedicated to helping football fans unite, connect and get fitter and stronger together. This is ideal for all football fans globally, schools, colleges, universities and other football institutions, and easily accessible through our desktop site, mobile or app.

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